Common Facebook problems and their solution from Facebook Support Number

While using Facebook, you may feel the need for changing, resetting or stopping a few undesirable things. Few FB concerns may keep you from the best FB experience. Here is the solution to some of the common Facebook concerns, which can be resolved with the help of Facebook Support Number.
1. Limit the news feed posts:
If you are annoyed by someone’s regular and meaning-less Facebook posts, which bump to your face, every time you open Facebook, you can hide their post. If you are the one who is not willing to put the relationship at stake still fed up their frequent posts, you can simply “Unfollow” them because unfriending is a harsh option. 2. Set priorities:
There are few of your favorite friends on Facebook, who post content of your interest, whether of your personal or professional interests. If you don’t want to miss the posts from some of your special Facebook friends, you can set your news feed priorities with simple steps. All you need is to go to your Facebook news feed, click on the downward arrow, and select “news feed preferences” and then tap on “prioritize who to see first” and select all the names whose posts you want to see on the first go. For any other help, you can dial Facebook Customer Service Number, Which is a Toll-Free Phone Number.

3. Get rid of annoying ads:
The major source of earning for Facebook is the affiliate marketing and the ads it shows. These ads are usually based on your interest, but have you ever thought why they match perfectly with your interest? The answer Facebook tracks your web searches and displays you what you frequently end up searching. But the frequent appearance of ads annoys you badly, so to shut the ads, go to the settings, select Ads from pane and then No>>No-one on Ads settings page.

4. Stop videos from playing automatically:
Videos which being played on your Facebook news feed, are paying big bucks to FB. The advertiser promotes their business, fan page or channel through these videos. The videos start playing automatically every time you open your Facebook page but eats your data like anything. So, after knowing the fact they consume a big portion of your internet, you must be finding a way to turn it off. You can stop by clicking on: Settings>>Videos>> off on Auto-Play videos default settings

5. Don’t want to get tagged in random posts? Read this point:
Tagging friends on FB posts have become a trend. Whether you want it or not, users tag you in random posts which sometimes annoys you. So, you make it tough for your friends to tag you in any post which you don’t want your friends to see. Go to Settings and then “Timeline and tagging” and under the review option select “review posts that you are tagged in before the post appears on your timeline

6. What if your FB account gets hacked
If someone else has intruded to your Facebook account, you can simply recover your password first and then reset the security settings of your Facebook account by enabling two-factor authentication.
Recovery steps of hacked FB account:
  • Go FB login page and enter your FB username
  • Click on “Forgot password”
  • Provide the essential details
  • Choose your recovery option from the list
  • Verify your identity with the verification code you receive.
  • Create a new password and re-enter it to confirm.
  • Log in using the new password
If you are looking for any help or real-time technical assistance while using your Facebook account, reach Facebook Customer Support Service for help. The techies will help you resolve issues instantly in simplest manner.


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